Copyright Rich Edward Agency Photography

Rich Edwards Media Agency Copyright Policy


Copyright. As the author of all images produced hereunder, the photographer retains full copyright to all images provided, per U.S.C. Title 17 (U.S. Copyright Law).

Usage. Photographer extends full-screen resolution .jpg images for and to the client(s) who may reproduce, print, and electronically distribute any of the provided images without limitation unless otherwise agreed to in writing. The photographer retains all rights to use images for portfolio, samples, promotion, or for professional competition and review (online or in print). Photographer will provide releases to the client(s) for other user permission requirements as needed from time to time.

Alteration. The client may not electronically edit or modify provided photos without the express written permission from the photographer.

Exclusivity. Photographer reserves the exclusive rights to be the sole provider for electronically modifying and editing all full resolution photography created.

Communications: Unless otherwise specified herein, all copyright communications made hereunder shall be in writing and:  if delivered personally or sent by pre-paid, or first-class certified or registered mail, or return receipt requested, or by overnight courier to Rich Edward Agency, Inc., 50 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44113. By email,